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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 30, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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gaining strength. concerns grow as earl gains strength. we'll tell you where forecasters have it headed and when. tragedy at the track. a 13-year-old is killed during a motorcycle race at indianapolis speedway. we'll have an exclusive interview with two fans who witnessed the tragic crash. and hollywood's big night. ♪ no place left to hide >> the membemmys honor some new faces, along with new ones. we're backstage "early" this faces, along with new ones. we're backstage "early" this monday morning, august 30, 2010. captioning funded by cbs
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it is a gorgeous late august morning here in northeast. everyone in new york has left. they're trying to have one last couple of minute -- >> last day of summer. >> that's right. >> i'm harry smith. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. >> we'll get you the latest from chile. new video again from those guys down there and how they're doing. and how they're getting by down there as they wait to be rescued. the rescue tunnel/shaft, they're supposed to start digging it today. all the latest in a bit. >> an inspiring there and an inspiring story here. a subway motor man is being called a hero. a woman fell on the subway tracks this weekend. as his train was pulling n he slams on the brakes, stops just in the knick of time. we'll talk to him if a bit. first, hurricane earl is on the move and slowly gaining strength. it is now a category 2 storm and could threaten the east coast of
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the u.s. later on this week. cbs news correspondent don teague is in kitty hawk, north carolina, and he has the latest. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. first, there was hurricane daniel danielle, which has moved away from the u.s. but was definitely feld felt along the east coast. now as you mention, earl is threatening, could become a major hurricane and could threaten the eastern sea board. as hurricane danielle weakened, earl grew into a category 2 storm with sustained winds of 100 miles per hour. a third potential storm is forming behind them. the predicted track of earl could bring the hurricane to the east coast this week where high tides and rip currents have already arrived. saturday there were 250 water rescues at ocean city, maryland, along. one person is missing and presumed drowned there. >> i think the water is very violent. the way i was out there swimming and it threw me into the beach i
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thought, wow, this is dangerous. >> reporter: to the south a surfer died after he was found unconscious in an unsupervised area of cocoa beach, florida. this weekend officials warned swimmers about rip current, that can move the water eight feet per second. they're created when water gets trapped along the shoreline by strong waves until it finds a place to escape back to the sea, like sand bars. >> i notice it's been very rough the last couple of days. it's good boogie boarding currents, but a little -- probably a little dangerous. >> reporter: after saturday's rescues, many new jersey beaches were closed for swimming. and forecasters say earl could strengthen into a major hurricane, a category 3, as soon as today. well, the surf is already building here if north carolina. the most recent track has hurricane earl brushing by the mid-atlantic later this week, but it also has it intensifying as high as a category 4 storm.
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that would mean even more heavy surf here. i can tell you the folks here in north carolina hoping that earl stays out at sea. harry? >> gotta right. don teague in kitty hawk, north carolina, this morning, thank you very much. our dave price is here, looking at the maps, looking at the models. what can you tell us? >> looks like we're saying good-bye to danielle. taking a turn to the north and east right now. let's ignore that for the time being. this several, what we're talking about. right now we're talking about tropical storm force winds that extend 200 miles from the storm center and it's just rolling through the leeward islands. again, a lot of the vacation spots for folks in the u.s. mainland. keep in mind, as this rolls through, our concern is not only high winds, but the rains. in many of those areas where there is mountain terrain, you're talking about the possibility of mudslides as well, moving 15 miles per hour. the track should just buzz the
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east coast butfy variation could be certainly will consequence to places like carolinas up through the northeast. more in a little while. back to you, harry and rebecca. >> thank you. now to politics and the fallout from the huge glenn beck rally in washington over the weekend. conservatives from all over the country turned out, voiced their anger at washington. democrats are worried anger could cost them in november. cbs news congressional correspondent nancy cordes is in washington with more. good morning. >> good morning. republicans argue the enormous turnout we saw them can only help them in november and the energy is on their side. but this crowd comes with strings attached. they're demanding changes even republicans might not be willing to make. >> this really is build it and they will come. >> reporter: glenn beck gave the call and they came, by the thousands. >> i know that many of us today, we are worried about what we face. >> reporter: estimates of the crowd varied widely from under
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100,000 to more than 600,000. but to matter the size, supporters say the enthusiasm of the crowd was a sign. not just of the growing influence of beck and sarah palin among leading conservatives, but of the passion of that group as midterm elections approach. >> we came to support conservativism, low taxes, small government. >> that is going to translate on the booth in november. >> reporter: tea party victories have unseated republican establishment candidates in florida, kentucky, south carolina and elsewhere. in alaska's senate primary, the votes are still being counted but the tea party candidate has the edge. >> so you want to phase out medicare, you want to privatize social security? >> we want to get back to basics. restore, essentially the constitutional foundation of the country. >> we're in the midst of a political revolution. >> reporter: if republicans ride
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a wave of tea party enthusiasm into power this fall, it's the tea party activists they'll have to answer to. >> when republicans get into power, that group of activists could want more from them than they can ever deliver. >> the crowd at the rally saturday fell into two categories. tea partiers who told us they want drastically lower taxes and christian conservatives calling for a much greater role for religion in public life. harry? >> nancy cordes in washington, thank you. joining us from austin, texas, is republican strategist dan bartle bartlett, good morning. >> good morning. >> from your perspective, somebody in the political business, what do you make of the rally? >> i think it shows what nancy's report shows, that is in this election cycle there is an enthusiasm between the two party. the tea party and whoever else assembles with the tea party, like they did this weekend, is done straighting that republicans in this election cycle coming up in november have
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that advantage. particularly, harry, in midterm elections, that is a crucial difference. >> they have the passion. does this translate, though, to, in the end, political victory in the fall, because you look at some of the candidates who benefitted from tea party support, as they get closer to the election itself, they find themselves moving from the right closer to the center? >> well, i think there's two things going on. first, you have the tea party activists that do a lot of the hard spade work, going out, passing out bumpers stickers, putting yard signs. that's a critical part of the midterm election. you couple that with the larger narrative of this election, the bad economy, particularly on the left, the disconcerning developments in afghanistan. you add those three things together, the tea party activists being very upset, a bad economy, we have a critical jobs report this friday that will set the tone for the fall campaign, and on top of that, what's going on in afghanistan. the president will be speaking to the nation about iraq.
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he's also going to use it as an opportunity to talk about afghanistan. that is a very toxic combination for democrats as they go into november. these tea party activists are stirring it up. >> from your perspective, you look at sarah palin, if she gives you your blessing, i mean her track record has been quite remarkable. >> it is in the context of a midterm election where there's very narrow differences with regards to the number of people who can make the difference in the election. i think if you start moving beyond the midterm election and start galvinizing an election in a presidential election, it would far more difficult for her organizers to are that greater impact. some people are speculate being her future, but she is making her mark if these very specific races across the country. >> dan barle ette, we appreciate your insight. thank you very much, sir. >> all right, harry. now to those trapped miners in chile. drilling is scheduled to begin today to rescue the miners as
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their families keep vigil in a tent city dubbed camp hope, after they received new messages from their loved ones, while they wait buried more than half a mile below the surface. seth doane has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the miners who saved themselves by rationing food may now have to take part in their own rescue, by clearing thousands of tons of rocks from below. that's once the rescue tunnel is carved out and reaches them. in the meantime, telephone wire was dropped to the miners to establish regular communication. we got a new glumgs impse of wh some of those conversations may be like. >> reporter: the new es messages from the miners to their families released late last night are both personal and painful. i miss you very much, this miner tells the camera. we're trying to survive down here in our way. entombed nearly half a mile below ground, some are shirtless
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and suffering from severe skin infections due to the heat. one miner asks someone to hug his daughter. another says, just wait for me and pray for me. above ground, drilling for the rescue tunnel should begin later today. engineers are now reportedly discussing a plan "b" to reach the miners faster. that could possibly include boring a second rescue shaft. but publicly government officials say the rescue is still three to four months away. chile's mining minister said, we will welcome any option that speeds up the rescue. to keep their minds off the ordeal, rescuers are lowering games and mp3 players to the miners, along with clothes, food psychiatrist jeffrey liebermans the euphoria from being discovered may quickly wear off. >> they're very resilient and resourceful to begin with, but
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they're going to need to be supported psychologically and physically to get through the remainder. >> how to cope in a confined space deep underground may come from lessons learned high above. nasa will be sending experts to chile early this week to help with what's likely to be the longest experience of any trapped miners in history. rebecca? >> cbs's seth doane, thanks. harry, i love this story because it's really a matter of mind over matter, hope. and it's infused with that. >> indeed. that they were found alive and that they have the opportunity to get out thereof in one piece is quite remarkable. betty nguyen at the news desk with the rest of this morning's news. >> good morning, harry and ra ba ka. five years after hurricane katrina hit new orleans and residents, they are moving on. yesterday in the french quarter they held a funeral for katrina new orleans style. tomorrow president obama formally ends u.s. combat
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operations in iraq, but for the 50,000 u.s. troops who remain, the end of combat operations doesn't mean the end of danger. cbs news correspondent terry mccarthy in baghdad with the latest on this. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning. we spent the last four days with u.s. troops up north here. and i have to tell you, we found a great deal of resentment about the notion that combat is over. we went on two joint patrols with u.s. and iraqi forces and they all know there are roadside bombs and insurgents out there trying to kill them. captain keith benoit leads u.s. and iraqi troops in northwest iraq and he's taking no chances. >> we've essentially been doing this same type of job since we got here last october. the mission for our soldiers has not changed. >> reporter: in washington the administration is keying to put the iraq war behind it and refocus on afghanistan. >> on tuesday, after more than seven years, the united states of america will end its combat
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mission in iraq and take an important step forward and responsibly ending the iraq war. >> reporter: many troops have left. but there are still 50,000 u.s. service members in iraq. although violence levels have gone down, the war is far from over. >> i watch it tv. i see what's being portrayed on tv and it's almost like, you know, we're done. but we're not done. you know, we still have some work to do here. and so, you know, i don't know if the american public gets that sense. >> reporter: the underlying concern here is that if the u.s. turns its back on iraq too quickly, all those gains in security we've seen over the past few years could be put at risk. betty? >> cbs's terry mccarthy in baghdad this morning, thank you. a volcano in indonesia that's been door mantd for 400 years is erupting. the volcano in foreign sumatra, about 21,000 people have been
7:15 am
evacuated. the daredevil dubbed spiderman alain robert climbed to the top of a 57-story apartment building in sydney, where he was promptly arrested. in los angeles, the 62nd prime time emmy awards honored the old and a whole lot of new. the top hon res last night, well, retro show "mad men" which won its third straight trophy for best drama series. as for the newcomers, "modern family" got best writing and best comedy beating out "glee" but "glee's" jane lynch took home best actress in a drama. and jim parsons, star of the cbs hit show "the big bang theory" won for best actor in a comedy series ending alec baldwin's two-year winning streak in the category.
7:16 am
we to want say congratulations to all those winners. hello to dave price, once again, with more on the nation's weather. good morning. >> good morning to you, betty. we talked about the hurricanes and their potential tracks. let's talk about what's happening around the country. we'll see scattered showers and high heat in sections of the southeast. things look relatively calm. southern plains, nice, hot, sunny. scattered showers in the northern plains. the southwest will see high heat. it will be rather comfortable with showers right along the shoreline in the pacific northwest. as far as the northeast goes, we've got a heat wave rolling in. the jet stream rather high. high pressure spinning up all that heat. we're hoping this high is going to push that hurricane out of the way for us. we'll keep our eye on all of this. but a heat wave probably over the next three, four days if
7:17 am
that's 7:17, that's our first look at the weather this morning. >> thanks very much, dave. coming up, a 13-year-old dies in a horrible crash at indianapolis motor speedway. we'll speak exclusively with two fans who were eyewitness to the tragedy. also, it was a night for new comedies and old dramas. we're backstage with the big winners at the emmy awards. and are wedding bells getting ready to ring for prince william and kate middleton? we'll tell you why royal watchers are convinced this time they are going to tie the knot. >> oh, really? >> finally.
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tragedy over the weekend at indianapolis motor speedway. these youngsters, very good at this, racing these motorcycles. a kids goes over, ends up getting killed in a rare accident. we have an eyewitness account when we come back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mott's, purely delicious flavor and great nutrition. magic from mom. [ kids ] whoa! [ marcia ] new motts medleys. looks and tastes just like the motts juice kids already love. but has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass. new motts medleys. invisible vegetables, magical taste. ♪
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we are at the corner of 59th and 5th. >> come see us. welcome back to the "early show." last night's emmy award had a bit of a split personality. on one hand, oel favorites won, like "mad men," at other times it was -- sometimes it was about the newcomer. coming up, we'll take you backstage with some of the night's big winners. >> a lot of good gossip. also, paris hilton, her troubled arrest. she faces the music in las vegas after allegedly caught with cocaine. we'll bring you the latest on the case against her and how long she could face behind bars. first, tragedy at the indianapolis speedway yesterday. a young motorcycle racer was killed after falling off his bike and then being run over by another racer. we'll talk exclusively with two people who witnessed the horrible crash.
7:31 am
first, betty nguyen with the rest of the story. >> peter lenz was only 13 years old and he was the first death at the track since 20 03. he's also the youngest person to ever die at the speedway. >> i've got a dinosaur on the side of my bike. he's a real life stuffed animal. >> reporter: peter lenz was barely a teenager but a national champion in his class of motorcycle racing, competing at speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour. lenz crashed during a warm-up landfall of the grand prix national championship for children aged 12 to 18 years old. >> i've never seen anything like this. and i certainly hope i never see anything like this again. >> reporter: photos taken by a spectator show him right after the fall, sitting on the track with hands raised in an effort to be visible to racers behind him, but a 12-year-old racer accidentally collided with him. >> unfortunately, one of his fellow competitors, who was several positions behind him, did not see him down and ran into peter as he was on the track.
7:32 am
>> medical workers attempted life-saving procedures, but the teenager died of traumatic injuries. the other rider involved was not hurt. the crash, the first fatality in the sport's nine-year history, will, no doubt, spark debate as to whether kids this young should be racing at such high speeds. hot, dry weather made the famous speedway slick, difficult to navigate for even the most seasoned riders. >> these drivers have skill, they have talent. what they don't have at their age is knowledge and experience. >> reporter: a statement released by the lenz family said, quote, we are deeply saddened by this tragic loss but know that peter is racing even faster in the sky. >> such a sad story. his father posted a statement on facebook saying the world has lost one of its brightest lights. harry? >> joining us now exclusively from indianapolis, two men who witnessed the accident. marcel and his brother-in-law,
7:33 am
richard winter. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. >> pmarcel, tell me what you sa unfold yesterday. >> unfortunately, i saw something that i had wished i hadn't seen. young riders were coming around turn four. and coming down the straightaway. hit the -- one of the curbs on the right-hand side of that straightaway and went into a speed bubble and was high-sided, which was thrown over his handlebars. initially he seemed fine. he sat up. he raised his hands so the other riders could see him. unfortunately, he was fear the front of the pack and the rest of the pack was coming around that same corner. a couple riders, one behind each other, didn't see each other. he turned to stand up to be more visible. unfortunately, that's when he was hit. >> richard, you know a lot about
7:34 am
this sport, especially people at this age group competing at this level. when you see something like this, does it give folks pause? like maybe this isn't such a good idea? >> well, as with any high-level sport, you need to start somewhere. you can't all of a sudden jump in with both feet at a professional level without having a great deal of training. any parent who's ever sent their kid to football camp or hockey camp will know that if you want to be at your peak performance, when you're at your peak physical capabilities, you need to start quite young. all the riders that are riding in the top level in the gp level have always been riding all their lives. they're well trained. they're well protected. they have very good medical staff at all fat sicilities the to. as with anything, have you that many people going, you know, at -- racing at a high level of
7:35 am
competitiveness, sometimes bad things happen to good people. >> as betty pointed out in her piece, this fatality is quite rare. >> oh, yes. >> as this thing unfolded, as this young man, peter lenz, after he was hit, was there a lag -- did you -- did either of you think there was a lag in terms of time -- response time with the emergency crews? >> you know what, harry, when you're in the situation, i mean, i've -- like i've said, i've new england seen anything that tragic, you feel helpless up in the stands. so, it seems like a lifetime before -- you know, it's right in front of you. my wife is a registered nurse sitting beside me. her first response to trauma is to react. she couldn't because of -- we were in the stands in this situation. so, i mean, it seemed like it took a long time, but, i mean in hindsight, who knows. i mean, but it -- you just felt so bad for him in that you couldn't do anything to help him yourself. >> what a sad story.
7:36 am
richard, marcel, thank you both very much for taking the time to speak with us today. we appreciate it. >> thank you, harry. and up next, "the big bang" at the emmys last fight. we're backstage with some winners. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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7:40 am
there. she's live this morning in our los angeles bureau. good morning, nancy. you're looking gorgeous in your purple gown. it doesn't look like you've been up all night, but we know you have been because you're wearing that dress still. >> that's right. thanks so much for saying that it looked nice. i appreciate that. i figure if i leave it on, i can still go to the parties if they're still going on. who has time to sleep on tv's biggest night, right? emmys certainly mixed it up. old favorites took home the golden lady along with surprising newcomers. the excitement started, well, as it always does, on the red carpet. ♪ she won't ever get enough ♪ if i had it my way >> jim parsons. >> reporter: emmy certainly gave jim parson reason to smile last night winning best actor in a comedy for cbs's "the big bang theory." i know you said it in the past and people said, who are you.
7:41 am
now -- >> i'm glad you remember me saying that. >> reporter: now they're going to be like, get on in. >> they may not recognize my face but i'll hold this closely and they'll figure it out. >> naturally occurred toe to me given your interest you might have a theory about how it started. >> reporter: fifth time was a charm for kyra sedgwick picking up an emmy for "the closer." she came prepared. >> i'm so blond. i had to have a piece of paper and glasses. >> reporter: it's better to have the paper and forget somebody. emmy honored george clooney celebrated not for acting but for doing good. receiving the bob hope humanitarian award. actor tom hanks won his fourth emmy for producing the world war ii minimumcy series" the pacific". >> it remind me what's going on today. it's life lessons for how very-w he have to make the world a
7:42 am
better place. >> reporter: al pacino won himself for transforming himself into jack kevorkian. >> it was great to get inside this guy. he's so brilliant. he's such a visionary. >> mediocre! hit the showers! >> reporter: emmy sang "glee's" praises awarding jane lynch best supporting actress. ♪ vogue ♪ f let your body move to the music ♪ >> there's nothing more exposing and naked and honest than singing, you know, what you're feeling. >> reporter: so, be naked for us. >> all right. it's a fap asnap and a hook. >> reporter: you're not going to sing what you're feeling? >> it's not going to work. ♪ nancy o'dell >> well, kind of her to sing for me. made me feel gleeful. last night's winners also included eidy falco for "nurse
7:43 am
jackie" and arch panjabi. >> nancy, love those earrings you're wearing. you talked with all of these big winners backstage. what else can you dish? give us the goods. >> i can fill up the dishwasher, that's easy to do. tom and rita, they're so cute together. they told me one thing they did -- i love the fact their tv viewing habits, they don't sync up at all. he's actually obsessed with history while she was telling me backstage that she's hooked on reality tv, which -- i will never forget this -- rita describes as current history. that makes a lot of sense. other dish, jim parsons said he felt like he was literally in a dream. he told me that he was walking up to get his award and he was thinki thinking, maybe this isn't really happening. that's what was swirling around in his head as you walked up to receive the award. and archie panjabi, she's british, which helped her hide her nerves, the stiff upper lip
7:44 am
thing. she was laughing at how quickly her life was changed. she told me when she walked on the red carpet, nobody was fighting over her, but when she stepped backstage with her emmy, hundreds of photographers are yelling her name, screaming at her, how to pose, archie over here, over there. just a year ago she actually recalled watching the emmys on tv and wondering how fun an emmy water might be and i have a feeling she's at one of those parties still going on right now. >> incredible you were able to catch up with those folks. we really appreciate it. all those people, congratulations to everyone who won. >> absolutely. >> thanks. >> nice to talk to you. >> thanks, you too. coming up next, paris hilton is busted again. we'll tell you why. and if she could go back to jail. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] see this? nobody else has what this paint's got: and that's a number one rating. it's a paint and primer in one -- so it goes on bold, and looks even better. it means getting more done -- in half the time. and it means the shade you see on that swatch --
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7:48 am
she was arrested over the weekend for alleged cocaine possession. this time she could face some serious jail time. cbs's tara mergener has the latest on the troubled heiress. >> reporter: it was 11:30 friday night when paris hilton and her boyfriend, nightclub mogul were pulled over by las vegas police. >> it was a strong vapor trail of odor coming from theesq escalade. >> reporter: she allegedly reached into her purse for lip gloss when plastic package of cocaine fell out. it's the post recent if a string of legal troubles for the hotel heiress. in 2007 she was in and out of court for multiple driving offenses, eventually serving two days of a 45-day sentence. last month hilton was briefly depained after being caught with marijuana at an airport in
7:49 am
corsica. she's been victimed by crime. last tuesday los angeles police arrested a man for breaking into her house. before going to bed saturday morning, hilton tweeted, sweet dreams to her fans. but a cocaine conviction would be to laughing matter. for the first time, hilton could be looking at serious consequences. >> in nevada the sentence for a conviction of a schedule 2 narcotic, it could be up to 20 years in state prison. >> reporter: hilton, who was handcuffed and fingerprinted in jail, was released on her own reconnie zans. for cbs news, i'm tara mergener. >> 20 years, that's serious stuff. >> sometimes serious consequences are the only way to turn things around in your life. >> maybe. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. at the end of the day. kinda relaxing [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine.
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welcome back to "the early show" on this monday morning. it's 8:00. is that central park west we're looking at? it is. i got a big thumbs up. doesn't it look so gorgeous? >> it's a new view. >> it doesn't look like it's going to be 94 degrees today, but it is, am i right, dave price? >> that's correct. heat wave along the northeast sea board. tell you all about that in a couple minutes. i'm julie chen along with harry smith, rebecca jarvis and dave price. coming up in this hour, we'll speak to a subway motor man being called a hero this morning. a woman fell onto the tracks at the station right here next to our studio just as his train was pulling in. he's going to tell us how he managed to avert tragedy by just a few seconds and a few feet.
8:01 am
coming up this morning, troubling new studies find the number of emergency room visits with kids and concussions is actually doubled since 1997. they're getting injured playing all kind of sport. the injury doesn't always -- it's not obvious, it's not like when a kid breaks an ankle, so sometimes they're not being treated properly. our own dr. jennifer ashton will be along to tell you what you really need to know. >> no one cares about the winners. they care about the dresses at the member is. i mean, they care about the dresses, they care about the winners, but they care about the dresses more. >> i have to say, yeah, we're still talking about the dresses. >> we're going to talk about them from january joans to "third rock's" tina fey. who lid up the red carpet? who went down in flames? >> i like that line. >> betty nguyen standing by at the news desk. >> good morning. hurricane earl is growing stronger as it makes its way
8:02 am
toward a pabl rendezvous with the east coast. this is a live picture from a beach in jacksonville, florida, where the ocean is just starting to stir. earl packing 105-mile-an-hour winds is one of three storms in the atlantic. hurricane danielle is heading out to sea. but another system is following earl. cbs news correspondent don feeg is in kitty hawk, north carolina, with the latest on all this. good morning, don. >> reporter: good morning, betty. it's a beautiful morning here in north carolina. as you mentioned hurricane earl is steadily gaining steam out in the atlantic. it's expected to be a category 4 hurricane within just a matters of days. now, already this storm is causing problems in the caribbean, impaking the island of st. martin this morning. it's expected to pass the u.s. virgin islands sometime later today. island resorts spent sunday preparing for the storm, which as you mentioned, is already packing 105-mile-per-hour winds. the question is north carolina
8:03 am
is how close will this hurricane come to the shores here in the current track of the storm has earl brushing past here later this week. that could mean heavy rain and high surf at a minimum in north carolina. but if the storm tracks just a bit west than its current track, it could make landfall somewhere along the eastern sea board. i can tell you here in north carolina and along this region, no one wants that to happen. they hope this storm does what danielle did and stays well out at sea. betty? >> absolutely. cbs's don teague in kitty hawk, north carolina, thank you. police in california this morning are investigating a bizarre double disappearance. i husband vanished one day after being questioned about his wife, who has been missing for six months. "early show" national correspondent hattie kauffman has the story. >> reporter: they were high school sweethearts, married 40 years next month. friends say marcia, a cancer survivor, seemed devoted to her husband, richard, a computer manager. but in february marcia suddenly
8:04 am
disappeared. >> he'd bring home dinner every night and she would be there to meet him every night. and the last four to six months, we haven't seen her. >> reporter: when neighbors asked richard about his wife, at first he told them her allergies kept her inside. later he said she was on a trip. >> he said, oh, she's visiting a friend in arizona. he would give us date when she would be back. those dates came and she would never be back. >> reporter: then he claimed their marriage failed and the two separated. when friends couldn't reach marcia on her cell phone, they asked neighbors to question him again. >> point-blank questions like, where is she at? can we hear her voice? >> reporter: finally, six months after marcia disappeared, neighbors called police. he told them he hadn't seen his wife since march but never filed a missing persons report. in fact, police learned marcia had not used her cell phone or credit cards all this time. >> investigators returned returned to re-interview the husband and he was gone.
8:05 am
>> reporter: gone the next day, taking his wife's car. investigators broke into the couples' home, searching for clues. now they've named forsberg a person of interest in the case. hattie kauffman, cbs news. the 2011 farmer's almanac winter forecast is out this morning. it predicts average snowfall on the east coast but bitter cold in the northeast. the midwest will be very snowy. the south, cold and west. the west coast will see a mild west. the northwest, it will be wet there. dave with another check of the weather. he has the latest on all of this. good morning, dave. >> can you read those stats one more time? >> i know. i feel like an expert after reading all that. >> let's take a check and see what's happening weatherwise. nice on to see the fine folks on the plaza. let's go to the maps. don teague talking about it a couple minutes ago, here are the latest stats. those winds kicking up to 110 miles per hour. we are on the cusp, literally
8:06 am
within one mile an hour of sustained winds of having a category 3 or a major hurricane. speeds still at about 14, heading toward the west-northwest. again, the caribbean, the virgin islands, u.s. and british virgin islands we're watching out for over the next several hours, the leeward islands, as the storm continues to move to the west and then take a turn to the north. the zone of uncertainty as it approaches that coastline, it's a couple hundred miles. we'll watch it. we're hoping high pressure pushes it out into the atlantic. all we wind up with is rough surf. again, we have to watch it carefully. if we learned anything from hurricanes past, it is stay vigilant. we'll
8:07 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by chase freedom. sign up for you at >> seattle, sections of the northwest wul see showers today. watch for still sluggish showers in sections of the gulf states and into florida. high heat for the northeast. make sure you're hydrating. we'll send it back inside to you, harry. >> thanks. up next, the old tradition of taking one for the team could be a lot more dangerous than you think. we'll look although kids and concussions and why they seem to be on the rise. this "the early show" on cbs. swipe your card please. excuse me...? this belongs to you... you. excuse me... this is yours...
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8:11 am
"healthwatch," kids and concussions. two studies out today find that the number of young kids sufficienting concussions during organized sports has doubled since 1997. our dr. jennifer ashton has the story of one young athlete whose tragic death is inspiring others. >> reporter: matt had a great sense of humor and a frlair for the dramatic. >> people would say, that's matt? he was a ham. >> reporter: but he also had a serious side. he was an eagle scout, loved sports -- >> this is his ninth grade port rat. >> reporter: and always told his teammates, i won't let you down. >> he kind of uplifted everybody when he came around. he was that kind of a person. >> reporter: two years ago the moment matt had dreamt about arrived. the night before his first varsity football game. >> we hugged, we prayed. what did we pray for? safety on the football field. >> reporter: on a routine pray in the fourth quarter, the unimaginable happened.
8:12 am
a blow to the side of matt's head by another player's helmet caused a traumatic brain injury, ening matt's life. >> never in my wildest dreams would i think that our son was at risk of getting killed playing football in high school. >> reporter: tell me about the center -- bob and lisa are rebounding from the tragic loss of their son. and have founded a traumatic brain research center in matt's memory at the university of north carolina chapel hill. >> and that sort of helps his spirit live on if we take on the role of awareness and prevention and treatment. >> reporter: according to the cdc, there are as many as 3.8 million sports-related concussions every year. >> i'm kevin. >> reporter: the feller center director, kevin. >> one in ten high school football players will sustain a concussion. unfortunately, 30% to 50% of those will go undiagnosed or unreported. and so we need to close the gap on that. >> reporter: according to
8:13 am
research, the brains of young athletes are especially vulnerable for seven to ten days after an injury. >> we can see that the brain basically rebound off of the front side or the back side of the cranial cavity. it can be bruised. >> reporter: sufficient recovery time is essential to allow the injured brain to heal. at this center, healthy athletes are put through mental exams and balance tests prior to any injury, comparing results from before and after a brain injury can reveal important clues. >> oftentimes it's like piecing together a puzzle. the more pieces of the puzzle you can put together, you get a better view. >> reporter: an athlete may not be aware of any symptoms but test results can be more accurate and help determine how soon an athlete can safely return to competition. >> can you tell me the signs and symptoms of a concussion? >> reporter: this year football players at matt's high school are taking part of this new trend of being tested before the season. >> go ahead and put your hands on your hips. >> reporter: ensuring his legacy lives on.
8:14 am
>> we're just hoping his loss can lead to other families who can be smarter, more knowledgeable and protect their children. >> while football has the highest rates of traumatic brain injury in organized sports, ice hockey, soccer and lacrosse also rank high in concussion risks. girls have a higher concussion rate than boys. >> boy, that's interesting. 1997 to 2007, up 200%, 14 to 19-year-olds. how do you account for it? >> i couple thing. first of all,there are more children and teenagers involved in organized sports. the sports tend to be more intense in terms of practice and competition. obviously, our awareness about concussion and brain injury has definitely increased. >> let's go through the symptoms again. it's that time of year. parents need to be paying -- and kids need to pay attention. >> a couple of myths. you don't need to lose consciousness to have a brain injury. also, imaging like c.a.t. scans are typically normal.
8:15 am
you need to be aware of symptoms. headache is number one symptom after a concussion. you can see sleep disturbances very common, mood changes. the kid might be very moody, difficulty concentrating. and problems with memory. all of these can mimic depression, anxiety, attention deficit, and everyone needs to be aware of them. >> dr. jennifer ashton, thank you so much. it was all about the red carpet last night in hollywood. we'll show you the fashion hits and misses that's next on "the early show". >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by kellogg's special k product. ♪ [ female announcer ] the best way to tell how great you look is in your jeans. drop a jean size in two weeks with the special k challenge and enjoy a good source of fiber in many of your favorite special k products. ♪ jeans don't lie.
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go to to design your plan. ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it ♪ ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] coffee is like life. it's better when you add your flavor. now try new honey vanilla creme. coffee-mate. from nestle.
8:17 am
well, it's the morning after the emmy awards. you know what that means. time for a red carpet critique. which stars shown brightly and which ones looked like they got dressed in the dark? helping us to sort through the glittering gowns and fancy tuxedos are celebrity stylist
8:18 am
mary alice stevenson and jay manuel, creative director of "america's next top model." good morning. >> good morning. >> the most talked about gown of the night was january jones of "mad men", her electric versace number. mary alice, thumbs up? >> beautiful dress. she took a fashion risk. the hair, makeup and shoes ruined it for me. >> january jones, for me personally, she always takes a risk. she loveser a versace. i'm not sure if it's a red carpet gown. >> what is it? >> 2009 she knocked it out of the park with a mint green gown. look how stunning she was. >> had she pulled her hair back, wore a sexy, strappy heel that dress says wow but it looked -- >> she was my best dressed last
8:19 am
year. i was very upset. >> if that's not a red carpet gown, what is that for? >> well -- >> i had a problem with the gown. that gown -- >> what didn't you like about the gown? the fact it poofed out? it was too short? >> everything about it it was too costume, not a gown. >> there were a lot of costumes last night. >> let's move on because the other controversial gown of the night was tina fey's. i'm going to start with you, jay. >> first of all, i loved tina fey in this oscar de la renta gown. a, it made her look very tall. the silhouette was stunning on her body. have year tina fey wears black and black and black. she wears the wrong black dress, may i mention that? this year she broke out of her mold and it was black over this -- black lace over the white. i like that she took that risk. to me, this was the best she's ever looked. >> mary alice? >> ugly, looks like drapery,
8:20 am
upholstery. oscar de la renta love. i like the fit on her. hair and makeup was beautiful. pattern and embellishment, thumbs down. >> drapery? >> draperies? >> do you have drapes with beads on them? >> in my house i do. >> i liked the fit? >> it was very curvy red carpet. she looked great in the fit. >> i love your face. you're not loving this. >> i love oscar de la renta, not that gown. >> not good. >> both agreed on the best look of the night, help me with her name, nina dobriev. >> yes, from "vampire diaries." first of all, she's wearing muhrad. i've seen a lot of these gowns up front. this gown, the fit, the color, the texture, a-plus, a-plus, hands down the best dress.
8:21 am
she looked like a million bucks. this is just stunning on her. >> mary alice, what do you say in. >> absolutely stunning. the new fashion "tit" girl. it's a designer we see a lot of but now i want to know more about. he wasn't on my fashion radar. now he definitely is, in my book. she looked stunning. >> i have to agree with you both 110%. she was the best on the red carpet. biggest miss of the night? jay, i'm going to start with you. was who? >> well, for me, well, miss deschanel. it was purple pleat. it was literally a pleat sensation. the fit was awkward. it looked boxy on her. it totally changed her figure. >> mary alice?
8:22 am
>> i hate to say this because i love alexander mcqueen but anna paquin. the dress wore her. would have looked phenomenal on nicole kidman. >> fashion is about proportions. the proportions for this dress are off on her body. she's very petite. someone taller, i agree, would look better. >> i love she took a risk. alexander mcqueen is one of our most talented, you know, designers, but -- >> and we miss him. final 20 second, the men, what was the look, who stood out? >> well, john hamm. he always does it right. he looked fantastic in giorgio armani. i loved the shades he showed up with on the red carpet. >> the creator of "glee," ryan murphy, todd chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area,
8:23 am
we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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beautiful day as we're wrapping up august. nice crowd out on the plaza. welcome back to "the early show." if you don't have time for a healthy, well-balanced meals, especially once school has started again, the next best thing could be, could be a power bar. we'll look at which ones are actually, you know, pack the punch you hope they do. >> i love power bars. >> yeah. >> i lived off them in dayton, ohio, you know, running field reporter -- >> running on empty, right? >> you have to. >> exactly. coming up, he's being called a hero. you'll meet the subway operator who stopped his train just seconds before he was about to hit a woman who had fallen on the tracks. >> it's an incredible story. also, you may think you have a best friend forever, but relationships, they do change. people move away. buddies gets tougher as one gets
8:31 am
older. we'll take a look at some of the new ways to find a pal. >> there you go. we have a friend just over there. >> bff. >> that's right. >> bf forever. >> sorry. you know what they now say? >> what do they now say? >> we're besties. >> now you know. >> the "early" besties. >> there you go. our new marketing line. these are my besties from where? >> florida. we wi >> you're on vacation. what are you doing? >> just hanging around. bringing our daughter to school. >> terrific. congratulations. >> thank you. >> there we go. let's take a check of the weather, see what's happening -- bffs. let's see what's happening in florida and throughout the country right now. we're keeping our eye on the tropics. we are seeing a real mess develop, especially for areas of the leeward islands into the u.s. and british virgin islands. we now have a storm rolling with wind speeds at 110 miles an
8:32 am
hour, forward speed about 14, moving to the north-northwest. we think, and that is in quotes, that this storm will graze the eastern sea board. high pressure will keep it out of the way of a direct hit and we'll see some high surf and potentially beach oe roegs but avoid a major storm. that's an if and that's why we have the cone of uncertainty. we'll keep vigilant and continue to monitor the progress. keep in mind, as far as the tropics go, we have another storm forming and that is going to follow earl. relatively quiet along the rest of the country. showers in the pacific northwest. high heat in the southwest. and a heat wave beginning here in the northeast.
8:33 am
i got bffs in charleston, west virginia, too. i guess the wizard of oz, a new musical -- well-being i guess an old musical in a new musical, looking for a new dorothy. rebecca, back inside for. >> you so many bffs, so little time, dave. like the bette midler song goes, you've got to have friends but it gets more difficult to find good ones as we get older. taryn winter brill shows us the new way some people are connecting. >> reporter: for carefree kids, making friends is easy. >> hi. >> reporter: but age can bring xliction and busy lives keep us
8:34 am
from connecting. >> i think we live in times where it's really hard because we have so many more moves, so many more divorces that we're continuing to need to extend our circle of friends frequently. >> reporter: many women are turning to the internet and website like with more than 25 cities, women of all ages can connect with just the click of a mouse. >> we're connecting but it's hard as adult to find people to connect with. >> reporter: the site matches women based on age, location and interests. introductions following and friendships are hopefully formed. >> that looks good. >> reporter: these ladies first met seven months ago. they've been getting together weekly ever since. what's the best part of this all for you guys? >> i would say knowing that you're always going to have a group of people that are going to be there for you no matter what. >> reporter: finding your own group of girlfriends is easy. all you have to do is sign up.
8:35 am
>> okay. so, it's time to create my profile. caring, down to earth, favorite things to do, tennis, bowling and ping pong. once your profile's submitted, you're invited to attend get-to-know you events. girlfriends circle? yes. >> hi. >> the reason i wanted to do this was meet people outside of pie comfort zone. >> reporter: it doesn't take long for new friendships to grow. >> i was a little bit punk, a little bit goth in high school. >> reporter: if you had to plan a trip this year, where would it be and why? >> i've only been a few places in europe. i would love to go to paris. >> reporter: i want to make a toast to new girlfriends. cheers. >> cheers. >> reporter: for "the early show," taryn winter brill, cbs news, new york. >> and joining us now is relationship expert heidi banks. great to see you. >> good to see you. >> this story is so interesting
8:36 am
in the new ways people are finding friends but also there's scientific evidence to back up why it's meaningful, why it's important we have friends. >> friends are health. that's the bottom line. friends help us destress. friends up us not get depressed. there's so much evidence that friendships are the secret to as you get older, staying healthier. >> that's interesting. as you get older, friendships do change what. how do friendships change over the years? >> in your twenty and 30s, your friendships are more about, you know, seeking information on children, career, family. we're in those years where we're creating our lives. in our 40s we know more of who we are. it's usually about being less of me about what i'm going to give to the world. we usually connect with friends that way. as we get older n our 60s, we're dealing more with the hardships of life sometimes, health issues, those are the lean-on years, the ones you need your
8:37 am
besties, your best friends to be there and take care of you. >> you really want to nurture these relationships. as tips you say you need to make time. set realistic expectations and you need to listen, imagine that, to make good friends. >> it's amazing how many times i hear from people and they empgoy friend, i'm never there for me. i listen to them going on and on and i wonder, how much you've listened to them. it's important to be consistent with friendships. be there for somebody. really be there. the first tip about getting out there and really, really understanding what a friendship is, make time for them. put it in your book like a dentist appointment. put it in like a doctor appointment. set realistic expectations. make sure you're not promising something you can't deliver. >> setting those realistic expectations it can be difficult, it really can. with our schedules, from children to jobs to paying the bills, everything else that's going on, how does one think about setting those
8:38 am
expectations? should you be sort of negative up front or do you want to maintain that positivity and maintain the optionalty of nurturing the friendship. >> especially making new friendships, especially, here's the key, don't overcommit. then the person will think you're not dependable. it's like the old rules about when you're forming a relationship for the first time, don't gossip, don't get into negative things about old friends. all of those rules apply when creating new friendships. >> the type of things that could be red flags to new friends. i want to go through some significant tips about making new friends. you say reach out, join, join, join, join and be open-minded. >> well, reaching out is most important thing. everybody wants friends. don't be afraid to start a conversation wherever you are and create a friendship. join, join, join, so important. clubs, organizations. if you don't know anybody, let's say you move to a new town, you don't have friend, don't be afraid to go up to the leader of
8:39 am
the group and say, hey, i'm on my own, can you help me out? be vulnerable, open to that. >> if that's a decent person, they'll be a good friend to you. >> absolutely, for the rest of your life. that's what we're looking for. there are three kind of friendships. those you have forever. there are the friends that are your besties, i like to call them. you can tell everything to. and then there are the friends that you make that are new. it takes time. percolate a relationship. it takes time to get to know a person. those are the friends you may share some confidences with but not quite there yet. and then acquaintances. they are the people you don't know that well and you're not going to really ever have that close to you, but they're good to have in your life, to mix it up. friend are like cocktails, mick them up. >> i like that. one of our "early show" friends, heidi banks, thanks for joining us this morning. >> such a pleasure. >> now here's harry. as fall approaches, family schedules start to get hectic. lots of meals get eaten on the run. one possible solution, power bars. tanya is contributor to cooking
8:40 am
light magazine and she's here with some healthy choices. you know, you go into the stores these days and there are racks and rack and racks of these things. they're exploding overnight. i didn't know there were different kinds. >> there are different kinds and different nutrient content. we have to be really careful as to what bars we're picking up. some bars are nothing more than glorified candy bars. every single bar -- we'll go through the purpose. some are pre-workout, post-workout. some had to have three grams of protein, three grams of fiber, no transfats, whole grains and less than 20 grams of sugar. one has 21 and we'll explain why that is. >> let's go down through the different categories. this is one you feel really good for women. >> yes. luna bars were created by women for women because it has specific nutrients women need, including folate and calcium. now, luna bars are 180 calories.
8:41 am
they are nine grams of protein and five grams of fiber. this is a great bar whether you want to eat it to tie over a meal. because of the protein content it's good post-workout. >> also, we have kids -- this is for kids. >> yes. there are a lot of unhealthy breakfast bars on the market on we like this bar because it's three grams of fiber and three of protein which help kids feeling full for a long period of time. >> not so many calories. >> no. it's good for the pint-size kids. giving them a lot of nutrients in this small bar. this is actually a much healthier alternative than most snacks out there. >> especially if you're thinking about in the morning, as you run out of house, it's important to get your engine going, right? >> exactly, exactly. it's sweet enough kids like this bar. the crock lat and brownie flavor, who can resist that? >> this is a pre-workout bar? >> let's talk about the pre and post bars.
8:42 am
the preis focused on carbohydrate content. this bar is loaded with chia seedses, oats, dried fruit. that will give you energy to get through your workout. this bar is 160 calories, 3 grams of protein, low in fat, only 2 grams, and gives you 4 grams of fiber which help to give you sustainable energy throughout the workout. >> pretty tasty, too. that's preworkout. this is best protein. >> so, the protein is what you want after a workout. protein is responsible for repairing and rebuilding muscle. >> that makes all kinds of sense. >> 210 calories, 13 grams of protein. that's the equivalent of two ounces of chicken. so, this bar really packed with protein, lower in carbs and sug sugar. a great bar after a workout. >> it has some fat in it -- >> it has ten grams but 3.5 are saturated. most come from mono unsaturated,
8:43 am
heart-healthy sources. >> you call this the best meal replacement. >> when it comes for snack bars i usually recommend 100 to 200 calories to tie you over to dinner. if you're having a bar in replacement of a breakfast, lunch or snack, you want a bar with 200 to 300 calories. this bar fits that bill. little 250 calories. you'll get ten grams of seaing protein. it has five grams of fat but you want some fat in the meal replacement because it slows down digestion to keep you feeling lofuller longer. a great way to round this out is add string cheese. >> and best natural bar? >> if you're looking for a bar that's unprocessed, organic, this is what we chose. this bar is filled with nuts and with dried fruits. this bar provides a lot of energy. the carbs in the fruits provide you with the instant energy and
8:44 am
nut provide protein and fats which slow down do i gegs. if you were going on a hike or long-term activity, this is a great bar. also, doesn't have the chocolate coating that can melt off. a natural, organic bar that will provide you with long, sustainable energy. >> i bet if i go to ", cooking light magazine" i would learn all about that. >> that would be accurate. >> thank you so much. >> for more of the best power bars, go to our website, julie? >> thanks, harry. a quick thinking subway operator here in new york city is being called a hero. on saturday a woman fell onto the subway tracks at the stop right outside our studio just as a train was barrelling into the station. some amazing photos show her sprawled on the tracks. but motor man francis lusk saw her and managed to stop just in the nick of time and he joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> what exactly happened? >> i was -- i was coming into
8:45 am
fifth avenue station northbound. i observed the platform as i was entering and i just happened to see the lady just walking -- just continue to walk and walked right off the edge of the platform. i quickly brought my train into a controlled stop. notified my conductor what was going on. called control center to have them -- you know, because i knew we were going to need ems and also to get the power off on the third rail as well. >> how did you know a controlled stop would stop in time you? didn't want to pull the emergency brake. what's the difference? >> basically, with the controlled stop, i was -- it makes -- makes for the fact t t that, you know, since i was so far away, i knew i would be -- i would have sufficient distance to stop. >> and then it stopped just shy
8:46 am
of her by how many feet? >> about 70 feet. >> whoa. good judgment. on your part. right? were you panicked? did you think, maybe i'm not going to make this? >> no, i wasn't worried about stopping. i was more worried about if she tried to move, because she was so close to the third rail. that, you know, it would have been a lot worse of a situation at that payment for her. >> what would have happened if she would are hit the third rail? >> she would have electrocuted herself. >> so, then you stopped train and you get out. wap what happened? what was the conversation between you and this woman? >> basically i went down to the railroad bed and al qaeda her if she was all right f she was dizzy or anything? at this point i don't know what's wrong. i don't know if it was a medical condition, in which case try to get as much information to relay to control to inform the rescue
8:47 am
authorities. >> what did she say to you? >> basically, she just said to me -- she goes, i'm bleeding. i actually had tissues in my pocket. i gave them to her so she could blot the blood and that. and basically within minutes police had arrived on the scene. >> do have you any idea why she walked off -- >> no, i don't. >> wow. and they're calling you a hero this morning. how -- you're blushing. >> yes. >> how does it feel? >> well, basically, i don't feel like a hero. you know, i mean, i did basically what my job was. you know, basically make sure, you know, that everybody gets, you know, home safely. so, i mean -- >> well, you did a great job. are you a hero. the passengers on the train and the woman on the track. francis lusk, thank you. good job. >> thank you. >> thank you. you're watching "the
8:48 am
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we're still buzzing about the red carpet looks last night at the emmy awards. >> some of them are beautiful! some of them -- >> right. and same thing with hair. can we discuss the hair? i'm going to call up leah michele from "glee." she had this very tousled look. thumbs up or down? >> i like it. >> i like it. >> harry? do very sexy. >> and i thought her gown was one of the best of the night. >> navy blue, that was in for the night. >> yes, it was. >> continue with the beachy, messy hair look, kyra sedgwick. >> one of the nicest people on earth. >> yes, she is. with her hair, thumbs up or down? >> thumbs down. i'm not digging that look.
8:51 am
>> harry? >> hair looks good. >> rebecca? >> harry looks good. yeah i like her hair but i think i've seen it better, before. >> i have, too. a little more curls. >> she looks like kyra sedgwick and that's the beautiful thing about her. she's gorgeous. she's comfortable. >> i love her. i've seen her look better. >> thank you. the guys are being nice today. >> wow. >> let's move on to christina hendricks. her hair was very sexy look. dave, i'll start with you. >> i'm distracted by the dress. i didn't like the dress so -- >> is it really the dress, dave? come on. >> i mean, i am trying to keep abreast of most of the fashions there. to be honest with you, i wasn't crazy about the dress or the hair. >> rebecca? >> i like the hair eleven, i like the movement but, again, i would like it a little more structured. >> harry? >> she's -- i -- i'm -- i'm a crazy big fan of hers but i
8:52 am
think she has looked better. >> i didn't like the hair? >> i think with a bob it should be a smooth bob, a straight bob. that's the way i like it. >> we're not talking about bob right now. >> that's the type of haircut. >> i didn't like the hair but i didn't hate it. it was a look. all right. january jones. well, let's talk about the dress and the hair. let's start with the hair because she had that messy look. in the front it looked very cute. but if you get any side or back angles -- >> messy. >> -- it looked like she slept on it. >> i loved it. >> you like the bed head. >> you know. beautiful. beautiful. >> harry? >> big fan of hers. not a fan of the dress. >> betty? >> i think with that dress the hair should have been a little different, maybe an updo or something to really set it off. >> and the final ten seconds, two enthusiastic thumbs up, everyone join me for jimmy
8:53 am
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